File & Paint(15min) £20
Manicure(45min) £30
Manicure with gel colour(60min) £38
Manicure with gel colour tidy up(30min) £30
Spa Manicure(75min) £43

*Manicures treatment involves nail shape, buffing cuticle work, hand lotion and gel polish application

Japanese manicure

30min / £23

This is a skin care treatment, consisting of rubbing a special paste onto a natural nail plate and applying a layer of powder onto it. This is a method that strengthens your natural nails, giving them an overall pink pearl shine. It supplies them with natural ingredients (such as vitamin A + E), keratin, bee pollen and Japanese Sea Silica. P.Shine is a recommended method for both men and women who suffer from fragile, brittle and split nails.

The main function of the paste is to deeply nourish the nail plate. The paste is secured by rubbing into the nail plate, and by using powder, which protects the ingredients contained in the paste from fast rinsing, and the action of external factors such as water or detergents. The finished effect is a nice, silky shine that stays on the nail plate for about 2 weeks.


File & Paint(20min)  £22
Pedicure(60min)  £40
Pedicure with gel colour(60min) £45

*Treatment involved: bathing, nails and cuticle work, exfoliating, smoothing calluses, nourishing cream application and nail paint

  • Spa Manicure(75min) £50

*Treatment involved: bathing, nails and cuticle work, exfoliating, smoothing calluses, mask application/paraffin socks, massage and nail paint


Mani + Pedi(1h30min) £70
Gel Mani + Pedi(2h) £83
Spa Mani + Pedi(2h30min) £88

*Gel colour removal only £5 along manicure and pedicure treatments.


Paraffin gloves £10
French paint £5
Art nails (each nail) £1
Gel colour removal £10